Morning gory

The smell of morning dew. The crisp air on my face. The distant sound of birdsong echoing through the silence. I dream of England as I gaze at Harry Cory Wright’s timeless photographs of pastoral scenes bathed in the warm light of dawn.

The golden hour occurs a few moments after sunrise or before sunset.

Landscape photographers are early risers. They are attracted to the rising sun, with its golden-hour hues and texture-defining shadows. It’s a distinctive light, which radiates a comforting sense of well-being. And there’s more. A misty morning will imbue your pictures with atmosphere. This heightens depth, as far-off subjects fade away into the distance.

Oh, and one final thing. The light is always best just before the ‘official’ sunrise. So to make the most of your gift from the golden hour, arrive half an hour early. This means you’ll catch the whole show and have plenty of time to set up. What better way to start your day?


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