Shadowy stories

What moment has Harry Gruyaert captured here? In terms of action, we’re left to ponder the presence of a lone man and passing cyclist. Nothing remarkable about that. But when these figures are pictured navigating their way in and out of those long shadows, the street comer becomes pregnant with possibilities What does it all add up to? I’m not entirely sure.

I just know I love it.

Late afternoon light is beautiful but fleeting.

Wheh the sun is low in the sky. shadows grow like vines and surfaces once illuminated ebb into darkness. The strong directional light also means facades are either light or dark, making architecture look all the more angular, h’a a magical time, but shadows like these are always on the move until soon enough, they evaporate completely.

While Gruyaert’s image may seem timeless, the paralysis is deceptive. As all the elements were falling into place, his was would have been acutely heightened by t he knowledge that everything around him was shifting. So when shooting in such light, anticipate the moment and be ready and waiting.

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