Softly, softly

It’s as if that split arrow is the road’s only defence against the advancing desert. Inch by inch, year by year, the sands of time are determined to reclaim the landscape and erase man’s effort to tarmac the terrain.

In this photograph Philippe Chancel makes use of flat light to cast an air of subdued indifference over the situation. Without the dramatic contrast caused by bright highlights and dark shadows everything seems slower and more contemplative. Here, the light suggests the passive inevitability of time.

The flat light of an overcast day makes images feel ‘quieter’.

Blanket cloud acts like a giant sheet of diffuser as the intensity of the sun is spread out across the whole sky This evenness reduces contrast and makes exposure metering more straightforward, as you’re not contending with extremes of light and dark.

That said, an overcast sky is still surprisingly bright So if you want the sky to occupy more than half the frame, you may need to use Exposure Compensation (scroll towards the +) to avoid underexposing the landscape. This is especially true if the landscape is made up of dark features, like vegetation.

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